Itoshima Green Energy Project

Two Main Goals and a Plan –


1) Establish citizen-owned solar power plant “Itoshima electric power” (=model of spreading citizen-owned power plant)

  2015  Establish citizen-owned power plant unit1 “Itoshima electric power”  in Itoshima city.

   Release how to establish and support to spread this technology

   Support for nation-wide spreading

 ● 2016  Construct one or two plants in other place

 ● 2016  In Itoshima city, construct power plants in 11 places in total.

 ● 2016~2018 Set 110 power plant in total (more than 50 places in Itoshima city and others are near places including other city)

   2025 : 400 million Kwh / per year / in Itoshima city. 

2) Itoshima 100% renewable energy town = Making “Itoshima model”

 ● 2016  Choose a 100% renewable energy 100% model area in Itoshima. (expecting 20~100 household or villages)

 ● 2016 Start construction using solar power, small-scale water power, biomass, electric storage system, heat of sunlight and water.

 ● 2016~2018  Expand the 100% renewable energy area into 10 big or small scale areas in Itoshima city.

   2025 : 400 million Kwh / per year / in Itoshima city. 


Amount of annual energy production exceeds 100% in total including individuals and other association. 


Promotion in order to make the above plan more effective

Campaign of individual energy production and saving energy (2014~current)

Cooperate with other power generation association- contact and share land, amount of energy production, achievement, technology, and information. (2014~cureent)

In addition to above, establish more effective institution to attract people (also as an profit-making project) and conduct renewable energy spreading project. (starting from 2015 at the earliest)

Long term vision


 1) Achieve 100% renewable energy town (= “Japanese model district”)  focusing Itoshima city in Fukuoka.

 2) Support, publish, and spreading information to Japan, Asia, and the rest of the world (in parallel with the above mentioned).


 Realize 100% natural and renewable energy all over the world.





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