Contribution and Sponsor needed

To develop Itoshima to a “Renewable Energy Town (over 100%)” in eleven years by 2025. It’s IREEP’s first and major objective.
We will work on various projects and activities, mainly focusing on setting up a citizen-owned power plant, “Itoshima Electric Power,” including promotions and cooperation with other companies or organizations, administrative organizations, and universities in order to achieve our objective.

In the mean time, we are short of funds for operations: personnel cost, rent, utilities, communication cost, and so on. I consider that hiring 3 or 4 staff members (incl. part-time) would be the best for the time being.
The first year will be a seeding period for profit-making project.
So this year, I would like to run and maintain our project mainly with your contribution and sponsors support.
It may be a support based on hope and expectations, however, IREEP’s purpose/objective and what IREEP should do are clear.
We are sure to make “Itoshima Renewable Energy Town.”

We sincerely look forward to your support. Thank you.


Payment Method

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IREEP - Japan Post Bank



You can make a remittance by PayPal if you have a PayPal account.

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IREEP is General Incorporated Association. We publicly release contents of balance and income and expenditure.


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